What is GiveStation

Who we are

GiveStation is a multichain grant protocol that enables founders, teams and organizations to raise funds in cryptocurrencies while rewarding the donors for contributing.

Built on a layer 2 technology, we have created a Give-to-earn crowdfunding ecosystem which is not only going to incentivize the platform but to also protect the funders for making a huge impact. The value you add as a donor is significant to us and no matter how small the contribution is, it is going to go a long way.

What we stand for

We help creators, teams, founders and organizations achieve thier goals.


Why are we doing this?

We want to instill transparency, reward and protect the donors while making sure that the funds allocated to this founders and teams are used in the right way.


What we want to achieve

Build a lasting and self-sustaining consensus based crowdfunding model for everyone.

GiveAGENTS Program

GiveAGENTS are the ambassadors of GiveStation. They represent the platform all over the world by checking, protecting and promoting the platform.

GiveAGENTS Program

Join us in shaping the future together

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The GiveStation community was created to improve and uphold our pledge to being a community-influenced protocol. Your contribution is very much appreciated. Join the conversation on any of our social platforms.

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Join us in shaping the future together